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The national licensed practitioners provide treatment according to your symptoms.
You can choose to have a massage that concentrates on the area of your pain, or you can have a full-body conditioning session. It's the best way for healing travel fatigue.

Acupuncture Treatment
60 minutes - 6,800 yen

1) About acupuncture
Acupuncture stimulates nerves by inserting needles into acupuncture points and sends signals to the brain to improve physical ailments.

Acupuncture needles may sound painful, but the thickness and tip of needles used in acupuncture and moxibustion are different from those of injection needles, and there is almost no pain when needles are inserted.
There are also moxibustion acupuncture needles and sticker-type acupuncture needles that are used for both acupuncture and moxibustion at the same time.
Please consult with us for other treatment such as dizziness, headache, Meniere's disease, joint pain, etc., in addition to back pain and stiff shoulders.


(2) About moxibustion
Like acupuncture needles, moxibustion is used to stimulate acupuncture points.
Moxa is placed on the skin. Blood flow is improved, coldness is eliminated, and physical condition (back pain, stiff shoulders, joint pain, menstrual pain, etc.)is improved.
Moxa is made from natural mugwort leaves.
Please consult us.

Beauty Acupuncture
60 minutes - 6,800 yen

The unique feature of our cosmetic acupuncture is that it restores blood flow and muscle action to the face by stimulating not only the skin but also the underlying muscles.

By causing minute wounds to tissues such as skin and muscles, the "natural healing power" that repairs the wounds promotes the production of "collagen" and "elastin" that maintain skin firmness and elasticity.

As a result, it improves lifting, wrinkles, sagging, and pores that are bothering the skin.

Please call us.





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